How does Stemz work to grow hair?

It stimulates the growth and proliferation of hair follicle stem cells to activate and bolster the anagen growth cycle, by nourishing and engaging the complex signaling molecules and the pathways associated with anagen growth.

What sort of sea algae is sourced for the active ingredient?

Stemz uses a proprietary blend of actives sourced from sea algae known as Ecklonia Cava to nourish the growth of the mesenchymal stem cells in the dermal papilla and throughout the hair bulb.

Is it similar to Minoxidil?

No. Minoxidil is a drug that promotes blood flow to the hair bulb with angiogenic (new capillary growth) properties but is limited in its support of anagen growth despite its proven status as an FDA-approved drug. As a natural compound, Stemz may have some similar properties but works differently where it may help to promote the signaling pathways involved in anagen growth.

Can it be used with OTC products, including Minoxidil?

Yes, it can be used with most OTC products.

Does it have any side effects?

No, the natural ingredients used to make Stemz fall under GRAS (generally regarded as safe), and do not have any known side effects.

How often should I be applying it for the best results?

Gently massaging it in after applying it twice daily is sufficient for good results. While additional use won’t hurt, the formulation for Stemz is designed to penetrate and work within a 6-hour cycle.

How long will it take to see visible hair growth?

The process of attaining visible hair growth depends on factors like the individual’s rate of hair growth or thinning, including their anagen growth potential, which are all highly variable from person to person. However, we feel that based on the results we’ve seen, most people should start seeing a noticeable difference within 3 months, which requires a minimum of 3 months of continuous use.

How long should I be using Stemz?

While we recommend at least 5 months of use, you can discontinue it at any time without lasting side-effects. In our research, the best results that we've seen were from those who've maintained continued use over the course of a year.

Should I be using shampoo in conjunction with Stemz?

Yes, for optimal results, we recommend using our gentle yet effective Stemz shampoo. Its carefully balanced formula helps maintain a healthy pH level, promoting optimal hair and scalp health. While the conditioner is optional, it can provide added nourishment and conditioning for your hair and scalp

Can it cause scalp irritation?

Despite our efforts to make the formula as hypoallergenic as possible, there may still be some who may find the topical ingredients in Stemz irritating. We recommend that you stop using it if your scalp becomes irritated and red.

Will I experience hair shedding once I start using Stemz?

That would be highly unlikely. Based on our test results, as well as third-party lab tests, the ingredients used to make Stemz should not cause any shedding to occur, beyond what is normal.

Can I use Stemz with oral supplements?

Yes, in some cases users may benefit from a synergistic effect.